During the construction process all the materials we use, except wood, iron, glass and cement and some of the marbles, are produced locally. The uniqueness of this project is that our venues are built out of materials that are extracted from the ground of the actual building site.

They are then cut and carved by local craftsmen while the lower quality ones are grinded by a stone-processing machine to produce sand, gravel and plaster to be used as the building/finishing materials such as concrete, plaster, etc.

Local master craftsmen lay by hand and construct each one of the venues, some of them requiring millions of the crafted stones, employing painstaking but authentic and traditional building techniques.

The swimming pools, patios and open ground surfaces are also constructed in the same way by adding thousand of marble pieces crafted by hand and put together similar to a giant puzzle aimed to create a unique finished product in yet another painstaking building process.

We are fortunate that some of our sites are significant stone- marble quarries offering distinctively different color and quality of marble and even stone-granite.


There is no exposed infrastructure anywhere on our properties. Allelectric or telephone wires and all cables are carefully dag underground toensure that they do not visually pollute the environment.

We feel and hope that this very costly undertaking will serve as anexample in protecting the environment.

We know that the benefits will last forever.


All the water from the daily cleaning of the venues and various waterfeatures is recycled in separate waste management reservoirs to be used for thewatering of our trees.


Storm water management and harvesting is in the forefront of our landdevelopment philosophy.

Every venue of ours has very large (for a total of 8.500 cubic meters)underground water reservoirs to collect water during the rainy season andconsume it in the summer tourist season. Some properties have additionalwater reservoirs built at high points for irrigation through gravity and fireprotection in case of wild fi res.


We are actively committed to the well-being of the local community inmore than one ways.

In order to protect the marine life and the surrounding waters from illegalfishing and other activities we have donated the only boat the Coast Guard ofIos owns.

To ensure safety for the local community and the tourists we havedonated to the police a 4X4 car. To protect the island from wild fires we havedonated a fire track to the municipality of Ios. We financially support the localmedical center. When needed, we provided significant financial assistance tothe Ios cooperative of shepherds.

We are committed to youth and the children of Ios. Each summer weorganize an annual basketball camp and provide funds for music lessons andother activities during the slow months of winter. We have helped organize freeyoga instruction in the square for local residents to experience and enjoy.