Αll the venues have one important thing in common: with the environment in mind, they have been built out of materials extracted from the ground of the building site itself. The sites are mostly made of marble or granite, and these vast chunks of crystalline stone are then cut and carved by local master craftsmen or, when lower quality, ground by a stone-processing machine to produce sand, gravel and plaster. Even the swimming pools and patios are constructed in the same way: by painstakingly adding thousands (72,000 for Pathos and Erego swimming pools) of marble pieces crafted by hand and placed together like a giant puzzle. The businesses are also largely carbon neutral as the owners insist on using solar energy.


From the #LifeOnIos Projet – 2015

by Tim and Alicia (Lonely Planet)

Ios may be popular for its non-stop party scene, but take a trip to its isolated interior and it’s evident the party scene doesn’t infiltrate every beach and town on this Greek island. Here Lonely Planet Pathfinders, Alicia and Tim venture off-the-beaten-track to discover the lesser-known side of Ios.